Where are the outlets located ?
We have our presence in Dehradun and Ludhiana.
Who will do the message ?
We have trained staff who will do the massage.
Which type of therapists will be there?
Experienced and Well trained therapists will be there.
I want a trial, how much discount will I get on a single massage ?
We can provide you with a 50% disount package only.
Can the share be package ?
Yes, you can bring one guest every time with you.
What will be the duration of the massage?
60 min massage and then 15 min for your shower or steam.
Which type of massages are available ?
Please visit the services link here.
Which brand is the Best ?
We don’t know about others but RED ROSE SPA is one of the best and leading brands & all our customers are very happy with us.
Will Steam and Shower be available ?
Yes, absolutely.
What is Jacuzzi Massage ?
It is a hydro-based massage, 15 min of Hot tub bath, 60 min of massage and 15 min of steam.
Are Home Service Facility Available ?
No. All our outlets offer four star facility.
Will an Individual's Privacy be respected in the Spa? Are there any video cameras ?
No video cameras are there and we ensure complete privacy. The rooms are separate and spacious.
What if the police comes in ?
That’s not a problem since we don’t practice illegal activities.
Is Thai Massage available ?
Thai massage is a streching massage, Its available.
Will the rooms be hygienic ?
Yes absolutely, we are one of the best spas. We make sure of the quality of our services.
How many rooms are there? What if i don't get appointment afterwards ?
Your card is valid at all days, at all outlets, and if you ever get a problem you can get in touch with us.
Do we get to select our own girl for massage ?
No.We are an aunthetic body spa and we don’t practice such things.
Will we get full satisfaction ?
If you are talking about the massage, we guarantee you that it will be worth taking.